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Post-vacation blues….

Back to Work
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In just over 8 hours, I’ll be sitting at work, at my desk again, after (with the exception of 4 hours on December 29th), 16 glorious days off. During that time I’ve been able to catch up on sleep, discover a ton of new music, cook up a bunch of new healthy recipes, work on my photography, start a blog (yup, this one!), get HIGHLY addicted to Trivia Crack (and pull some other people into the addiction with me), and spend some quality time with both friends and family.  It’s been better than I could have ever imagined, and I really don’t want it to end.  I’m already starting to suffer from those post-vacation blues.

Having so much time off, and quite a bit of it to myself, has also given me time to think. This is a good thing!  I’ve been able to reflect on some past relationships and really, finally, get through the lingering hurt and realize that even though they’re over, these relationships did bring me a lot of happiness and I’m truly glad they happened.  And realizing this has allowed me to open my heart to new relationships as well.  It’s a very good feeling.  :)

I’ve also used this time to get myself organized again, and I’m feeling very good about the future. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m definitely Type-A, and a teensy bit OCD (really, just a little bit…) and having my life and house in order REALLY helps me get through every day.  Next step is to write down some goals for myself, but they’re already in my head, so it won’t be too difficult of a task.  Watch for some of them to pop up in this blog for sure.

I was reading an article about post-vacation blues (no surprise that there is one, right?) and there are several steps to take to get over these blues as you go back to work. (http://www.wikihow.com/Overcome-the-Post-Vacation-Blues).  To summarize:

  1. Recognize the symptoms – yup, got that covered… lol
  2. Expect to feel someone deflated after a great vacation – Check – got this one covered too!
  3. Realize that your vacation doesn’t necessarily end here – I’m lucky on this one – I took a lot of photos and spent a lot of time with family and friends and can chat about the new memories made.  :)
  4. Think about how your vacation experience can inform good small changes in your life – With all of the cooking I did, all healthy recipes, I have a ton of new meals to make to help me on my weight loss journey, so – Check!  Done!
  5. Share your experiences with a friend or family member – I’ll definitely be doing this – already have some post-holiday lunches planned.  :)
  6. Take care of yourself – worked on my exercise and meal plans over the last few weeks, so this is done too!
  7. Stay connected with the world of travel – well, since I didn’t really GO anywhere, I this one would be difficult, but I have been doing some research for an upcoming trip, so talking to people about that.  :)
  8. Start planning a return trip – Oh this is absolutely in the works!  I have several trips planned for this year already.  January, early spring, early fall and late fall.  I think I have this covered…lol.

So I think I’ll be ok!  I’m relaxed, happy and have declared this year to be a year with “no scrunched shoulders.”  And while I’m not going to like getting up early tomorrow morning, I’ll survive, knowing that I’ve completed Step 8 – because in 3 weeks I’ll be lying on the beach in the Bahamas!  :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Now get back to work!