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Time to go home…

Travel diary Day 7 – January 28, 2015

Well.. last day of the cruise and it’s just about time to get home.  I have to admit I’m feeling a bit homesick at this point and I miss my family and my kid.  I’ll always remember this cruise though because of the wonderful people I met.  So here they are!


Our head server – Senthilkumar and his assistant, Marcel (who made it a point to tell us that he was not Latino, Mexican, Spanish or French.. he’s from Romania! lol)

Day2atSea-83 Day2atSea-91 Day2atSea-88

And my table mates…

Day2atSea-85 Day2atSea-84 Day2atSea-79
Day2atSea-82 Day2atSea-81 Day2atSea-80

And finally… Frank & Lois, and the Washy-washy woman!

Day2atSea-30 Freeport-1

On my last night on board, I did manage to catch some of the best sunsets of the trip at least.

LastNight-12 LastNight-20 LastNight-26
LastNight-39 LastNight-41 LastNight-47

I think I definitely need to do this again.  What an amazing trip!  :)



Travel diary Day 6 – Afternoon – January 27, 2015

Look at what we got last night at dinner!

galley tour invite


Yup, that’s right… we got invited to tour the galley with the Executive Chef of the Explorer of the Seas, Gary Thomas.  It’s really amazing what he has to do for every cruise.  Ordering supplies, fresh food, packaged food – everything has to be on the ship because there’s no stopping off at the Quickie-Mart on the way to Mexico LOL.

Chef Gary took introduced us to many of his chefs, describing their duties and the significance of the different hats and differnt colored scarfs they were wearing.

GalleyTour-2 GalleyTour-35 GalleyTour-31
GalleyTour-20 GalleyTour-38 GalleyTour-10

Then he went around and tasted EVERYTHING on the table.  And I mean everything!  And while he was doing it, he was quizzing each of the chefs on what was in the dish and giving them pointers such as “too much salt”, “not enough pepper”, “this one needs a little more pasta,” etc.

GalleyTour-11 GalleyTour-12

The food looked amazing.  I was getting hungry just standing there listening to Chef talking about them.  Thankfully dinner was soon!

GalleyTour-52 GalleyTour-51


HUGE thanks to Chef Gary for the wonderful tour, and to all of the chefs for the wonderful meals.  The food was so delicious that I know I gained at least 5lbs on this cruise! LOL




Freeport, Bahamas

Travel diary Day 6 – January 28, 2015

Woke up this morning docked in Freeport.

Finding the excursion choices pretty slim, my friend and I decided not to sign up for any in Freeport.  Neither of us are huge beach people, plus with all the running around we’ve been doing, it was nice to not have to be somewhere at a certain time.  You know what I mean?

So today was basically about shopping, and people watching.  I sat down on a curb for a while, took out my camera and just shot people for a while.  I don’t do it often, but my friend Dan keeps encouraging me to do it, so I figured why not.  :)

Freeport-8 Freeport-9 Freeport-10
Freeport-20 Freeport-27 Freeport-31

And of course, Señor Frog was there too!



Freeport-24 Freeport-22

Also met some very nice ladies, sisters actually, who were sailing on Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Spent a while comparing ships and amenities… lol.  Too bad I didn’t get their faces, but the one sister had beautiful nails. :)

As we’re about to head back to the ship to relax before our Galley Tour (next post!), who do we bump into but Frank & Lois! They looked adorable as usual, so I had to get some shots of them too.  :)

Freeport-28 Freeport-30

Some pics from shopping, then from the ship, overlooking the town.

Freeport-7 Freeport-3 Freeport-5
Freeport-45 Freeport-43

All in all, it was a pretty quiet day.  Next time I’m in Freeport though I think I WILL hit the beach, at least for a little while.  After all, there’s only so much shopping a girl can take, right?   😉 


Love & Marriage, Frank & Lois, Ice Skating and Shhh…The Quest – Second Full Day at Sea

Travel diary Day 5 – January 27, 2015

Whew.. Cozumel was a great trip, but exhausting.  Glad to have a day at sea to relax before docking in Freeport!  Relax is a relative term though…not much relaxing going on since there was SO much to do on the ship!  It was hard to fit everything in.

After a late breakfast, we decided to go to the Love & Marriage show in the theater.  Remember the Newlywed Game?  About the same concept.  What a hoot!  Of course, Leigh, the Cruise Director, had to ask the question “Where is the strangest place you’ve made whoopie? (for those of you who never watched The Newlywed Game – yes, that means sex.. lol)  The newlyweds admitted to everyone there, including BOTH sets of their parents, to doing it at the spa (NOT the one on the ship, thank goodness), the old married couple said the coal room of the husband’s job site… and then there were Frank & Lois… in their late 70’s/early 80’s but only married 15 years.  Lois proudly told everyone – in the cemetery! Leigh was flabbergasted.  And Frank elaborated saying that they “had a favorite tombstone” LOL!  Leigh couldn’t look at the two of them for the rest of the game without laughing and shaking his head.

I managed to introduce myself to Frank & Lois before the show, telling them how cute they were, dancing together during karaoke.  And they were!  Lois just loved me for telling them that, and said she just had to give me a hug.  :)


Day2atSea-36 Day2atSea-35

Another event on the ship was the ice show.  An ice show, on a cruise ship?  Well…why not?  It was actually pretty good too!

Day2atSea-7 Day2atSea-8
Day2atSea-19 Day2atSea-28

And finally… there was The Quest.  As with the Cozumel Bar Hop, there were rules.  Well ONE rule.  What happens at the Quest, STAYS at the Quest.  Some people don’t follow this rule of course, because there are quite a few videos posted on YouTube about The Quest.  (“The Quest” on Royal Caribbean (ADULTS ONLY Game Show)

I managed to snap a few photos as well…and I even participated in a few parts of it.  I won’t tell you which parts.. 😉


Day2atSea-100 Day2atSea-102
Day2atSea-110 Day2atSea-111

Of course, even with all this activity, I managed to capture a few sunsets from the ship. :)


Day2atSea-42 Day2atSea-52 Day2atSea-68
Day2atSea-46 Day2atSea-45 Day2atSea-62


We’ll be docking in Freeport, Bahamas tomorrow morning.  Time for some sleep!

– K