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It’s all about the cookies…

Travel diary Day 1 – January 23, 2015

Traveling is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it’s exciting. The thought of going somewhere new and exciting. Seeing things you haven’t seen before. Having new and wonderful experiences. All good, right?
Then there’s the other side. The mad rush to finish packing. Making sure you’ve packed enough, but not too much. And packed everything you need because God forbid you forget your favorite shirt or that special pair of shoes – both of which you’ll end up NOT wearing. :)
Then the mad dash to the airport. Should I check a bag?  Carry on only?  Will the bag fit?  Is it too heavy?
And then there’s security. Get that passport and boarding pass out after thinking for a split second that oh shit!  Is it in my checked bag?  Whew!  Got it. :)
Wait in line for security. Smile at the TSA agent.. Take off those shoes and get practically naked to go through the scanner and then.. Finally. At the gate.
Long line to board.. The crush of people trying to squeeze those carry on bags into the overhead storage (wait, you REALLY thought that would fit??) and finally.. You’re in your seat. Buckled in. Ready to go and hopefully, fingers crossed, that the plane will leave on time.
And once you’re in the air…the person sitting next to you is either falling asleep on your shoulder or chatting your ear off. All you want to do is put your headphones in and listen to that podcast you’ve been putting off listening to. But then, the best part of the flight.. Snacks. And you finally relax. Because after all, it’s all about the cookies, right?  :)
To Florida-10
More on Day 1 later!
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