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Well hello there! And just for the record… it’s Kirsten (Keer-sten), not Kristen…


Just me!

Hey!  I’m Kirsten!  Just thought I’d introduce myself.  I’m 45 years old, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, an aunt, a paralegal, an amateur photographer… and probably a lot of other things, some fit to be written here, some not… lol.  I’m here to just write – about what, I don’t know.  Life, love, dating, music, cooking, photography…. depends on the day and my mood.  If you like it, fine.  If not, that’s your choice.  There’s more about me in the “About” section if you care to look.

My biggest pet peeve – all my life I’ve been plagued with people pronouncing my name wrong.  Kirsten (ker-sten), Kristen, Christine, Christian.  I’ve heard them all.  But the best one was from about 5 years ago.  I had just bought a car in late September 2009, so I had those wonderful 30 day tags on it.  The 30 days were almost up, and the car dealership was scrambling to get my title to me.  I drove out of my way, in the pouring rain, in a rush to the dealership so I’d have enough time to get the title and get all the way back to the DMV to get my car registered.  I get into the dealership, getting soaking wet in the process, and the clerk finally comes down, after I was already waiting for 30 minutes, and hands me the title.  I take one look at it, hand it back to her and ask her to redo it as my name is spelled incorrectly, it’s spelled Kristen.  So she asks me… “are you sure?”  SERIOUSLY?? When I told her “I’ve had this name for 40 years… YES.. I’m sure!”  A person’s name is important to get right.  It’s who they are.  So just a note to people.. when you’re reading, writing, speaking someone’s name, especially if it’s an unusual name…look, twice… and get it right!