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Freeport, Bahamas

Travel diary Day 6 – January 28, 2015

Woke up this morning docked in Freeport.

Finding the excursion choices pretty slim, my friend and I decided not to sign up for any in Freeport.  Neither of us are huge beach people, plus with all the running around we’ve been doing, it was nice to not have to be somewhere at a certain time.  You know what I mean?

So today was basically about shopping, and people watching.  I sat down on a curb for a while, took out my camera and just shot people for a while.  I don’t do it often, but my friend Dan keeps encouraging me to do it, so I figured why not.  :)

Freeport-8 Freeport-9 Freeport-10
Freeport-20 Freeport-27 Freeport-31

And of course, Señor Frog was there too!



Freeport-24 Freeport-22

Also met some very nice ladies, sisters actually, who were sailing on Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Spent a while comparing ships and amenities… lol.  Too bad I didn’t get their faces, but the one sister had beautiful nails. :)

As we’re about to head back to the ship to relax before our Galley Tour (next post!), who do we bump into but Frank & Lois! They looked adorable as usual, so I had to get some shots of them too.  :)

Freeport-28 Freeport-30

Some pics from shopping, then from the ship, overlooking the town.

Freeport-7 Freeport-3 Freeport-5
Freeport-45 Freeport-43

All in all, it was a pretty quiet day.  Next time I’m in Freeport though I think I WILL hit the beach, at least for a little while.  After all, there’s only so much shopping a girl can take, right?   😉