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Travel diary Day 6 – Afternoon – January 27, 2015

Look at what we got last night at dinner!

galley tour invite


Yup, that’s right… we got invited to tour the galley with the Executive Chef of the Explorer of the Seas, Gary Thomas.  It’s really amazing what he has to do for every cruise.  Ordering supplies, fresh food, packaged food – everything has to be on the ship because there’s no stopping off at the Quickie-Mart on the way to Mexico LOL.

Chef Gary took introduced us to many of his chefs, describing their duties and the significance of the different hats and differnt colored scarfs they were wearing.

GalleyTour-2 GalleyTour-35 GalleyTour-31
GalleyTour-20 GalleyTour-38 GalleyTour-10

Then he went around and tasted EVERYTHING on the table.  And I mean everything!  And while he was doing it, he was quizzing each of the chefs on what was in the dish and giving them pointers such as “too much salt”, “not enough pepper”, “this one needs a little more pasta,” etc.

GalleyTour-11 GalleyTour-12

The food looked amazing.  I was getting hungry just standing there listening to Chef talking about them.  Thankfully dinner was soon!

GalleyTour-52 GalleyTour-51


HUGE thanks to Chef Gary for the wonderful tour, and to all of the chefs for the wonderful meals.  The food was so delicious that I know I gained at least 5lbs on this cruise! LOL