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Christmas ornaments

My ornament for 2014

My ornament for 2014

There’s always been something special about Christmas ornaments.  You open the box when you pull out all of the Christmas decorations and pick them out one by one.  As each one comes out of the box, so does a memory. Memories of grade-school art classes and the toilet-paper tube Santa, the clay ornaments you made at home with your brothers and sister. Memories of the stories told about that ornament that you received for your first Christmas, and that has miraculously survived now for 45 years, and the first ornament that you, yourself purchased for your own child!

As my interest in photography has grown over the last few years, I’ve made it a point to photograph some of those old ornaments, as well as the new ones that I put on my tree.  I love being able to make them look almost surreal, ethereal, mysterious.  And here, I’m sharing some of those images with you.  :)