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Cozumel, here I come!

Travel diary Day 4 – January 26, 2015

Woke up to an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  Looked outside and realized we were just pulling into the port in Cozumel.  My much-anticipated first day in a foreign country had arrived.  Got dressed and ate breakfast pretty quickly as I wanted to make the most of the day at port.

Planning for this cruise, my friend and I went over all of our options for excursions while in Cozumel, but there were SO many options, it was hard to choose.  Neither of us are shoppers, and I’m not really a “sit on the beach and fry” type of gal… and we were working with some physical limitations this trip, so a long hike was out of the question.  We stumbled upon the perfect excursion…a bar hop!




25 people in a tour bus, heading out to the primitive side of the island to visit 4 different bars, get a shot at each bar and relax for a bit, hop back on the bus and hit the next one.  And at the end, we got a t-shirt (and quite a buzz too…lol).  There were only 3 rules for this bar hop:




The Rules - Post-It

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