“Blind dates” and beer tastings…

Sometimes fate takes you in strange directions… Tonight I went to an social event for a professional association that I belong to.  It was a Beer & BBQ cruise on the BB Riverboats.  I was ORIGINALLY supposed to go with a guy friend, but he backed out on me (another story for another time), and because of that, I almost canceled as well.  But I decided to suck it up, be a big girl and go anyway.  Turns out, it was the BEST decision I made all week!.  Because the guy bailed on me , someone else was able to take his place. And you know what?  Nancy was AMAZING.  She’s just a few years older than me, and going through things that I went through a few years ago.  We hit it off instantly.  I don’t think I would have talked to my original date as much as I talked to Nancy tonight… lol.  

Not to say the others the other people there weren’t great too.  The other ladies (and gentlemen) at our event were wonderful.  If I had had more to drink (J) …. 😉  But I had been very disappointed that my original date had canceled.  Going to the event was the best thing I could have done for myself this week.  :)

I tasted some great beers from Rhinegeist Brewery , a local brewery here.  As many beers as I’ve tasted in the last 2 years, for some reason I had never gotten around to sampling most of the fine beers of Rhinegeist.  One I liked (Puma, a pilsner), one not so much (Cougar, the blond ale – never been partial to blondes anyway… 😉 ), then there was Zen (the beer that you drink when you want to drink a six-pack by yourself, according to the rep…lol.  Who, btw.. was awesome AND drives a Miata (like I do) ).  And then there’s Truth… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Truth.   :)  Going to have to stock my fridge with this one!

And to top it all off, I got some great pics!  Will post them on my Flickr page tomorrow (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kirstenmax/sets) but here’s one that I took on my phone.

IMG_1781 2-1  

All in all, a great night, and an awesome “blind date” LOL!  I’d go walking with Nancy in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t request a full body pic first… 😉

And if I was drunk enough… maybe… nah…. LOL.


SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriages…

rainbow rings


Ok, I know I’m a bit late with this, but life has been VERY hectic lately and I’ve only just found time to sit down and write.

On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage.  One of my best childhood friends married her partner last year in a state where it was legal for them to be married, and I was SO happy for them!  It made me sad though to realize that other friends in the LGBT community here in Ohio and Kentucky have not been able to legally marry.  It makes me so happy that everyone can now make the choice to marry whomever they choose to marry, across the nation.

“No longer may this liberty be denied,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the historic decision. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

Marriage is a “keystone of our social order,” Justice Kennedy said, adding that the plaintiffs in the case were seeking “equal dignity in the eyes of the law.”

I found this quote that someone had posted on Facebook and thought that it really said it all.

“Marriage is not about religion, atheists marry. Marriage is not about procreation, the infertile marry. Marriage is not about finance, it can weave poverty. Marriage is about love, that’s it, and that’s beautiful.”

From now on, why can’t we all just celebrate the love?  As the Beatles said back in 1967… all you need is love.  :)


Time to go home…

Travel diary Day 7 – January 28, 2015

Well.. last day of the cruise and it’s just about time to get home.  I have to admit I’m feeling a bit homesick at this point and I miss my family and my kid.  I’ll always remember this cruise though because of the wonderful people I met.  So here they are!


Our head server – Senthilkumar and his assistant, Marcel (who made it a point to tell us that he was not Latino, Mexican, Spanish or French.. he’s from Romania! lol)

Day2atSea-83 Day2atSea-91 Day2atSea-88

And my table mates…

Day2atSea-85 Day2atSea-84 Day2atSea-79
Day2atSea-82 Day2atSea-81 Day2atSea-80

And finally… Frank & Lois, and the Washy-washy woman!

Day2atSea-30 Freeport-1

On my last night on board, I did manage to catch some of the best sunsets of the trip at least.

LastNight-12 LastNight-20 LastNight-26
LastNight-39 LastNight-41 LastNight-47

I think I definitely need to do this again.  What an amazing trip!  :)



Travel diary Day 6 – Afternoon – January 27, 2015

Look at what we got last night at dinner!

galley tour invite


Yup, that’s right… we got invited to tour the galley with the Executive Chef of the Explorer of the Seas, Gary Thomas.  It’s really amazing what he has to do for every cruise.  Ordering supplies, fresh food, packaged food – everything has to be on the ship because there’s no stopping off at the Quickie-Mart on the way to Mexico LOL.

Chef Gary took introduced us to many of his chefs, describing their duties and the significance of the different hats and differnt colored scarfs they were wearing.

GalleyTour-2 GalleyTour-35 GalleyTour-31
GalleyTour-20 GalleyTour-38 GalleyTour-10

Then he went around and tasted EVERYTHING on the table.  And I mean everything!  And while he was doing it, he was quizzing each of the chefs on what was in the dish and giving them pointers such as “too much salt”, “not enough pepper”, “this one needs a little more pasta,” etc.

GalleyTour-11 GalleyTour-12

The food looked amazing.  I was getting hungry just standing there listening to Chef talking about them.  Thankfully dinner was soon!

GalleyTour-52 GalleyTour-51


HUGE thanks to Chef Gary for the wonderful tour, and to all of the chefs for the wonderful meals.  The food was so delicious that I know I gained at least 5lbs on this cruise! LOL