So I just had a birthday… yipee!  I’m now 46.  That’s too close to 50 for my taste.  I don’t FEEL 46.  I don’t think I ACT 46 and I certainly hope I don’t LOOK 46.  What do you think?




I think this is a pretty good shot, don’t you?  I was playing around with my phone one evening after getting back from my stylist, who gave me the most amazing cut.  I liked it so much I had to document it.. lol.



So back to birthdays.  As a kid I LOVED my birthday.  A summer baby on the east coast, I never had to go to school on my birthday like a lot of my friends did.  I could enjoy my birthday presents for a few weeks before hitting the books after Labor Day.  We could go to the skating rink (Hot Skates!) and be out late because we didn’t have to get up early the next day.  Moving to Ohio changed all of that.  School started MUCH closer to my birthday.  But still, I enjoyed my birthdays for the most part.  UNTIL.. 21.

Now for most people, turning 21 is a great milestone.  You can finally buy alcohol (legally) and get into the over 21 clubs. For me, it turned out to be bittersweet.  I had decided to take a summer psychology class over at the University of Cincinnati to get a jump start on my next year there (not sure what year it was…my extended college tour will be the topic of another blog I’m sure…) Anyway, I had a mid-term the day of my 21st birthday.  I had always told myself that I wouldn’t go to school on my birthday, yet here I was, on my 21st one at that.  So I went in, took my mid-term, handed it in and told my professor that I was leaving. :)  Went to the DMV to get my license renewed and I figured I’d have a great night with my friends for my birthday.  After all, I had taken each of them out for their 21st birthdays.

What do they say about the best laid plans?  Well, everything fell apart when I got home.  It was pouring down rain and no one wanted to go out.  So I made one more call to my buddy Rafe… and he saved my birthday.  I picked up the beer (and probably some food too – he never had any there… lol), drove over to his place and drank beer and watched pre-season football on TV with him.  To this day I credit him with saving my birthday. :)

Unfortunately, most of my birthdays in the 25 years since that one have been about the same.  There’s been the occasional get together.  And my parents always take me out for dinner, but even when I was married I always felt that my birthday was just there…another day.  In fact, one year my now ex-husband forgot my birthday until I not-so-gently reminded him as we were leaving downtown to go home at the end of the day.  I also try to be a very thoughtful person when it comes to birthdays.  For those people who I care deeply about, I try to make it as special as possible.  Unfortunately, I don’t normally get the same in return, and my birthday turns into a day of disappointment for me.  So lately, especially after my divorce, I’ve been dreading my birthdays.  When you don’t have someone special with whom to share a special day, it just becomes another day.

This year was surprising though.  My son actually remembered my birthday and gave me a huge hug and a happy birthday peck on the cheek as he was rushing out to school.  My parents took me (and said son) out to dinner, and afterwards we hit up Half Priced Books where I scored a few great albums.  And I got the best text from RGG right before dinner.  Now we’ve only had 5 face-to-face dates so far, and only really known each other for 6 weeks or so, but he sent this (I’m not sure if he actually reads this blog, but I’m hoping if he does that he doesn’t mind me sharing what he wrote.  RGG if you do.. let me know, ok?  :) )


Well hopefully you’ll enjoy your birthday present that you’ll be getting


Birthday present?


You have a birthday present that I’m waiting to give you.That I know you’ll totally love


You didn’t have to get me a birthday present… But thank you. :)


I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to do


I’m sure I’ll love it.And have I mentioned before how sweet you are?


Well thank you, I try. Birthdays are important and you should always go above and beyond for people you’re close to.

Getting that text literally made my birthday.  It’s nice to know there IS someone out there who feels the same way about birthdays as I do.   😀

So it looks like tomorrow I’ll get that birthday present, and I’m really looking forward to it, and to seeing RGG.  It’s been a few weeks due to schedules and kids.  Dinner and a movie… The movie I know – Jurassic World, the dinner is going to be a surprise.  I love surprises like that. :)

Till then!





earthquakeLOL.. get your attention?  Thought it might.  :)

Quickie movie review… went to see San Andreas with RGG the other night.  Let’s just say, I’m never moving to California!  I didn’t think I’d like the movie at first, but it turned out to be pretty good.  A little cliche, but not bad.  The seismologist/professor reminded me a little bit of Richard Dreyfus’ character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind… no one listened to him until it was almost too late.  But in the end he’s the big hero.  There’s a little bit of romance (gotta love a guy with an English accent, right?), some great adventures, and really great visual effects.  There were quite a few times when I actually ducked in my seat because I was afraid something was going to get me.   😯

The best part of the movie though, as always, was the company.  RGG is REALLY fun to go to the movies with.  First of all, he’s almost (but not quite) Sheldon-esque when he picks his seat. I guess it’s really more like Goldilocks… finding the seat that’s just right.  But it’s cute, and I have to admit I haven’t had a bad seat since we’ve been going out.  :)  RGG isn’t one to “shush” you during the movie either.  He doesn’t mind a little whispering now and again.  A some giggling too.  But don’t be obnoxious or he’ll tell you what’s what!  AND get compliments on it from other movie-goers afterwards.  True story!  Gotta like a guy who stands up and does that.

So I think this was movie #3 for us, #5 if you count the two we watched together, but apart.  He’s definitely a fun guy to watch movies with.. and tonight he said the same about me…can you see me smiling?   :-)

Hopefully many more movies to come.


Oh what a night!

Have you ever had one of those nights that you wish would never end?  It hasn’t happened to me in a while, but it did this past weekend.   :-)

So I met RGG (oh, that’s what I’m calling him… really great guy from the last two posts…) at Newport on the Levee where our plan was dinner and a movie.  Well.. he just happened to suggest that we meet in front of my favorite store there, Barnes & Noble, so of course we went in, and spent almost an hour perusing the music and movie sections.  Now RGG knows music.  I mean REALLY knows music.  I thought I knew about music.. but I’ve found out that I have a LOT to learn.   I learned a lot Saturday night.  : )  And the movies…well, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I think we found a bunch of movies that will need to be on our “must see together” list though.  :)

Next up was a short walk over to Arnies, where I had a cheeseburger that I THINK I enjoyed.. but I really can’t remember because the conversation was so good that I didn’t pay much attention to it.  :)  It’s always amazing when you find someone that you can talk to for hours and not run out of things to talk about!

Some of the conversation centered around our server who had some umm… interesting tattoos, especially the one creeping up her inner calf near her thigh.   Now THAT sparked a very interesting conversation.. or sort of conversation because we were laughing too hard.



Next up was a movie… Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  Awesome movie!  I won’t say much about it here because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.  But.. OMG SHOES!  I want them!  Don’t know where I’d wear them, but I want them… lol.  And really?  Can someone REALLY hold their breath that long?

Seeing a movie with RGG is really a treat though.  I’m surprised we don’t get kicked out for talking too much lol.  This is the 4th movie we’ve watched together… 2nd one in person.  I know.. doesn’t make sense, does it?   Think “When Harry Met Sally…”  Channel please?  :)

Oh, and that was the second quote that night from When Harry Met Sally… go figure.  Next we’ll be quoting The Breakfast Club, just watch!


Beer was the next item on the agenda, so the last stop of the night was at the Hofbrauhaus for a beer.  Yes, just one.  Because WOW what a beer!



I really didn’t want the night to end, but when we looked at the clock and realized it was 1:30 am, we decided that it was time to call it.  This was said as we were both stifling yawns I think.  Geez it sucks getting old, doesn’t it?  :)

All in all, a very awesome date, and already looking forward to the next one.  :)


P.S. I just realized how many smileys I used in this post… sorry… Guess it’s because I was smiling so much that night… lol.



For the past five days, I have been taking a staycation.  A what you say?  Really?  You don’t know about staycations?  Stay-cations. Apparently, they’re all the rage right now, aren’t they?

Per wikipedia:

“A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night. They might make day trips to local tourist sites, swimming venues, or engage in fun activities such as horseback riding, paintball, hiking or visiting museums. Most of the time it involves dining out more frequently than usual. Staycations achieved popularity in the US during the financial crisis of 2007–2010.[1][2] Staycations also became a popular phenomenon in the UK in 2009 as a weak pound made overseas holidays significantly more expensive.[3]

Common activities of a staycation include use of the backyard pool, visits to local parks and museums, and attendance at local festivals and amusement parks. Some staycationers also like to follow a set of rules, such as setting a start and end date, planning ahead, and avoiding routine, with the goal of creating the feel of a traditional vacation.[4]

So, now that you know what a staycation is, I’m going to tell you a little bit about mine.  :)

It actually started late last week when my darling son and I installed our pool in the backyard.  Staycation-2Ok, so it’s not much to look at at this point, but hey, it’ll cool us off in the 90+ degree weather we’ve been having, right?  lol.  So it takes us two days to install the pool and get it filled up (as opposed to the 10-30 minutes that the box promised).






So during my staycation, I used the pool as much as I could.. sitting there with my headphones on, and either a nice cold beer or some wine (product) with me.

Staycation-4 Staycation-5

Saturday was a day of adventure.  I grabbed my passport and headed over to the (gasp!) WEST SIDE to pick up my friend Chris and try something new to both of us – Ethiopian food.  So we hit this tiny restaurant in a very small strip mall (where ALL of the traffic seemed to be going to the other restaurant, Penn Station) and proceeded to have a really good meal – all by ourselves.  lol.  I had a spiced beef dish called Awaze Tibs and it was DELICIOUS, as was Chris’ Chicken Tibs.  While I was aware that Ethiopian food is normally eaten without utensils, we both needed forks because there was just too much to eat with just the injera (Injera, the spongy bread used to eat this dish).  The service however was TERRIBLE so if I want Ethiopian food again, I’ll have to try a different restaurant.  A nice long coffee break at Starbucks followed before I finally crossed the border back to the East side.. 😉

On Sunday, I braved the torrential rains to drive ALL the way down to Florence, KY where had a date with this really great guy who took me to see a movie (Avengers – Age of Ultron) and then to a late dinner at O’Charley’s where we proceeded to close down the restaurant.  :)  It’s a good thing I was on my staycation because I didn’t get home till past my normal work-day curfew.  😉

Monday I slept in… REALLY slept in.  I think I finally got moving around 2:00 and even then, didn’t do much.  I DID manage to catch a really nice shot of a butterfly on my zinnias out front.  I puttered around the garden some, picking vegetables, pruning some of the flowers back and watering the gardens. Staycation-1


Oh, and on Monday, I TOTALLY got hooked on the X-Files (wikipedia), a show that I had never really had an interest in, but am finding really interesting. And spooky.  And creepy.  Made even creepier still because SOMEONE keeps texting me creepy pictures..  😐

Tuesday though was, by far, the BEST day of my staycation.  I started out by watching a few more episodes of the X-Files (told you, I’m hooked), then met that really great guy from Sunday for all-you-can-eat tacos at Don Pablos.  :)  Unfortunately “all you can eat” for me turned out to be three.  I ordered a fourth, and it’s still sitting in my fridge.  It’s probably really not any good anymore anyway though because it sat in the trunk of my car for 3 hours after lunch.

I’ll bet you’re asking WHY my taco sat in my trunk for 3 hours after lunch, right?  Well…said really great guy and I decided to hit the local CD exchange where he promised I could find used CDs and movies for as little as $1.00 each.  I haven’t really been buying CDs in the last few years – I’ve been working on my vinyl collection – but I figured, why not, I’ll take a look. I should be happy that I walked out of there only spending $15… lol.  Staycation-6

I could have spent a small fortune.  Looks like a return trip is in order (hopefully with said really great guy again..  😉  )



After the CD exchange we drove aimlessly around town trying to guess where we were, and looking at places where I might be able to get some great shots of.. well.. anything interesting.  Needless to say we found a lot of places!  More places to visit to put on my list.

As with a real vacation, the last day before you go back is always a rush to get everything done that you wanted to get done during the early part of your staycation, but didn’t.  So today I spent the day getting caught up on some paralegal association stuff – wait!   Did I mention I’m a paralegal?  I don’t think I did… well anyway, I am.  And happen to be the current president of our local paralegal association.  But that’s fodder for another day’s blog.  Anyway, I spent the day working on my presidential duties that I’ve been neglecting and watching MORE X-Files.  I have to remember to stop watching this at night though – I’ll never be able to sleep.. lol.

So tomorrow I go back to work for a very short week (YAY!) and I’m lucky enough to have the house to myself until Sunday afternoon, so even though my staycation is ending, it’ll still be quiet for a few more days.  My plans?  Take a guess…